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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me and my friend Justice came out of the classroom.When we suddenly noticed Broock Chismair."Man he is hot" Justice said."Yah i heard he has a 12 pack" I said"yah i heard that two but he will never notice us".Justice said"Yah but i see him in the News paper alot for Football".I said."I think we need to get a amazing makeover for him to notice".she said."Well i am geting my braces off to day".ok we will go to the mall after that.
I left about 2:00 and I got home about 3:30.It did not hurt much.Justice came and picked me up."wow you look so much better"she said"thanks"I said.We got to the mall at about 4:00.First we went to Clarie's and got some ear rings.Some people don't think i have my ears piecered because i always were studs.WE also got some rings and bracelets we also got some bags and makeup.Then we went to Aeropostale I got some T-shirts and bags and some other stuff.At 5:30 we went to this Salon to get our hair done."Hello Justice"(she always goes there)"Hello Mary"Justice said.She whispered something in her ear.Then she toke me and put me in a chair and told me to close my eyes.

When I opened them I had hair to my shoulders and some pink highlites"you look great" "thanks you to"She had the same thing but she had blue high lites instead of pink.
We got up and Went to Verizon Wireless I got the LG enV® 2 in Maroon.Here is the picture.i43 . tinypic . com / aazthk . jpg[/IMG](take out spaces,also i do not have this phone)Justice got the same.We walked out with our new cell phones.Then we went to Macy's and got some makeup and clothes.When we got to the checkout counter there was a very long line.So while we were waiting me and her got our cell phones out and started to get our phones set up and figured out how to work them.We gave each other our phones and typed our number in.We finally got to check out.It was time for dinner so me and her went to Subway.I got italin bread and turkey.Justice got the same.Justice drove me home.I just ran up to my bed room and Changed into some long pants and a spaghetti strap shirt.
When I got up in the morning.I was happy.I got out of bed and put on my new clothes that I got from Macy's and and my hoop earrings that I got from Claire's with my bracelets and rings.I ate some cereal then picked up my jacket and then put my new cell phone in it then walked out the house.
I saw Justice already there so I walked next to her."You look awesome""thank you to"The bus came and we walked right past Broock.I did not even notice.At school:I was the last one into class.I sat in my seat.I heard a couple of boys behind me say:"where is Abby?"Did she move"dude that girl that just sat down it is cute".The teacher called the class to order.Then started reading the names off the list."Abby"Here"I heard the same boys say"wha"where is she I don't see her"I turned around and waved at them.Some of them had that "I love that girl face"when class ended.Boys started coming up to me and started asking me out.I said no.I went to turn to go to my locker and I bumped into....
Broock!"Sorry" he said.I picked up my books and got up from the ground.We locked eye's."Sorry about that Abby"."Y Y you know my name". "Um yah I guess I do"He walked me too my locker."Would you like to go to a pool party tonight at my house and your friend Justice can come to""Sure"I was really jumpy inside.I ran to Justice's locker."Justice guess what!"I yelled"What!"she also yelled."Me and you got invited to a pool party at Broock's house"She dropped her mouth."Are you serious""Yah I am"She started jumping up and down like a kangaroo.Then I felt a hand on my shoulder...
I spun around and accidentally hit Kurt in the nose."I am so sorry"I said."Abby Would you want to be my girl friend?""Sure"Yes one of the cutest guys in my class.asked me to be his girl friend.

I looked at Kurt and noticed that his nose was bleeding.I guess I hit him to hard."Kurt you are bleeding do you want me to take you to the office?"I said a little too loud.I could feel people's heads turn and look at me.But Kurt shot e back to earth."Abby you can take me to the office""Ok"I grabbed his arm and we ran to the office.But before we went into the office.I put my hand in my pocket and handed Kurt A tissue."Here you go""Thanks"We walked into the office and I told the secretary what happened.We had to get a pass because we were late.the day went by fast.Me and Justice got off the bus.The pool party was at 5:00 and it was 3:30 now.I ran in the house while Justice walked to her house.She would meet me after she gets her bikini.
Justice came over and we started walking to Broock's House.When we got to Broock's house we seen a lot of people.Everybody that was popular in our school was there.Even Kurt was there.Then I seen a dance floor and music playing with some people dancing to it.
I walked over to the dance floor and dropped my stuff and got up on to the dance floor and started dancing.I was dancing crazy.Then I heard people saying"go Abby go Abby"I also noticed I was the only one on the dance floor.When the song ended people started coming up to me saying"good job"I went into the house and into the bathroom to take off my clothes.Then I walked out with my Bikini on.I walked to the pool and on to the diving board.Then I did a backflip in to the water.The Broock came up to me and asked....
Me too be his girlfriend."Sorry I"suddenly Kurt came over and said that was a great dive.But then he noticed broock."What were you about to ask her""I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend"Then kurts head turned to me.He whispered."did you say yes?""no"His lips came closer to mine.Then he plated a kiss on my lips."Good" he said after he kissed me.I turned around to see Broock's mouth drop open."I guess you already have a boyfriend"Right then and there Broock puched kurt in the nose.
Was I in a love triangle?
I guess I was.
I grabbed Kurts hand and A towel.He put it on his nose to stop the bleeding and I put a towel around me to stop dripping.I also grabbed Justice's hand and we walked home.
By the time we got all the bleeding stoped it was really late and I asked my parents if Kurt could stay in the guest bedroom while Justice Sleeped in my room.
In the morning We all walked out in front of my house and waited for the bus.When the bus came we walked past Broock.He looked mad.
The day went past fast.
At Lunch:
Kurt waved a hand telling me and Justice to come over.I sat down and Kurt and Justice were at my sides.Broock was next to Justice and Lindsey was on Kurts other side and Conner beside Lindsey.Then some other people I forget.Lindsey was giving me the evil eye because she likes Kurt but is going out with Conner at the moment.But I did not pay attention to her.Conner was blabbering about how good he is in soccer with his friends beside him.
At the end of the day I got into Kurts car and drove me to his house.We went up a long driveway.Then at the end of it was a big big house with brick's in it and A big front yard.It was like a mansion.I droped my mouth."Do you like my place?"I just nodded my head.
We got out of the car and we walked hand in hand to the backyard.He had a big deck in the back of the house and then there was a big pool with a deck surrounding it."Lets go swimming after I show you my room" "Ok"I said.
We went through the back door and went up to his room.
His room was as big as 4 dorm rooms.
We walked out to the balcony.I put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist.Then we started slow dancing.He came closer to my face and put his lips to mine.We kissed for about 2 minutes."I love you Abby" "I love you to Kurt"
I loved Kurt and Kurt loved me.